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When deciding to go into the nail or beauty industry the first thing is to look for and decide what courses you may wish to attend.

There are hundreds of choices now for nail and beauty courses, but the most important part is if after the nail or beauty courses, you can get you insurance or not.   If the courses are accredited by a body, then they will be insurable.  College nail or beauty courses are very often NVQ or VCTC.   Private training courses are accredited by a few different Companies.  Top Talons nail and beauty courses are accredited by Beauty Guild and ABT for insurance purposes.


After your nail and beauty courses at Top Talons, you can attend Beauty shows and decide what product ranges you like and may wish to use.  Many nail and beauty Companies, if you have an accredited certificate and insurance, will allow you to buy their products.  Some however will not and will ask you to attend a conversion course in their product range to be able to purchase.  This may or may not cost money.  Then however you will be able to promote and use their brand.

Nail and beauty products are a minefield as well and it can be difficult to decide what to use.  Don’t forget all Companies will tell you how wonderful they are, but you should judge that for yourself after trialing the nail and beauty products for your self after your courses are completed.  Some people ask on internet forums what others recommend, BUT please be aware most nail forums are not impartial, they only allow people to comment on products they sell,so you may not get an overall answer.  So in our opinion iy is best to trial different nail or beauty products and make your own mind up.