Removing Nails

//Removing Nails

Removing Nails

There are 2 types of removal for nail products.

Mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical is filing off the nail product and chemical is dessolving
using a solvent that breaks down the product.

Soft and or porous products like gel polish, dip nails, acrylics are removed by acetone whereas
hard gels require mechanical removal.

The longer a nail product is on the lomger it woukld take to remove.
Avoid any force when removing nail products, as this can cause nail damage.
The nail product needs to be soaked for the correct amount of time, in
order to dissolve the product sufficiently.

If using a bowl, it is best warming acetone and warm water soak off bowls are avilable
to remove nal products.

You would have to remove the bulk of the nail coating by filing and saok off the rest.

Correct removal of nail enhancements is important to maintain the health of the nail.