Nail and Beauty Course Costs

//Nail and Beauty Course Costs

We at Top Talons offer you – not cheap nail and beauty training BUT
value for money training courses in nails and beauty.
High quality content without the higher price tag.
We do not cost as much as ‘branded training’ simply because we do not spend on the marketing and
magazine advertising, which runs into thousands – someone has to pay for that. – You
We also have experienced and qualified and insured nail and beauty tutors just like brands do for our
Plus we have over 20 years experience delivering nail and beauty training courses.
We sometimes also have special offers on just like when you go shopping.
The same products, same brand name and same quality products in a shop or supermarket, can be a
lower price for a period of time and be ‘on offer’
This does not mean the quality of content of the jar/ bottle or packet has changed, just they have a
genuine offer or promotion on at quiet times etc.
We do the same
We sometimes have special offers or discounted ‘packages’ but our training is the same quality