New Nail Gel

//New Nail Gel
A new Nail Gel product from Flexiglaze
What is DuoGel  
A blend of gel and acrylic powder in one bottle– stronger than regular builder gel
Base gels, builder gels and top gloss gels in the range
Low burn formula, so reduced heat spike formula
HEMA free so less chance of allergies
Builder and top gloss are NON tacky
No Smell
Soaks off unlike hard gels that need buffing off
Strengthening base – contains acrylic powder plus BB oil so not as drying on the nail – contains acrylic powder
Strengthening top gloss – contains acrylic powder  very shiny non tacky
Both can be used with gel polish for clients with weaker nails
Builder gel – in a bottle and will not run into side walls but is easy to move around the nail
for tips sculpting or overlays
No ratio to worry about like with liquid and powder
Strength of acrylic,  working time and clarity of gel
Best of both worlds