Do you want to book a training course with a school you know you can trust?
Here’s how to stay safe
Choose Top Talons for all your nail beauty and hair courses – a brand you can trust with proven history.
Here’s how to help you stay safe when choosing a reputable training academy like ourselves. We look out for you our customers.
Top Talons offer accredited and insurable courses in beauty and nails and hair.
What does ‘accredited’ mean to potential new students who don’t know and are looking to get into the industry.
They see the word accredited or insurable courses, on a training page on Facebook or someones website, and just believe the person or Company saying it.
Sometimes, unscrupulous training schools use unauthorised accredited logos on their website to further mislead potential students into believing their courses are accredited by that body. Or saying you can be insured to offer the treatment after doing the course, but don’t tell you who with.
You have a right to know what insurance Company they are claiming you can use after your training, before you book the training! Then check for yourself with those insurers BEFORE YOU BUY! Again don’t just believe people unfortunately.
Genuine accredited training courses with evidence to back it up, means the course content and the tutor credentials and certificates including teaching certificates, HAVE BEEN VERIFIED AND CHECKED by a third party.
That means that school is GENUINE!
How do you know if a training school is telling the truth? 
Don’t just believe what they write or tell you -CHECK THEM OUT for your peace of mind! Also check with the insurance Company they are claiming you can use BEFORE YOU BOOK. 
Ask what body or association the courses are accredited by and then ask for the details of that association so you can contact them first.
ie phone number, website etc and the
CALL THE ASSOCIATION TO CHECK. before you part with your money.
If the association don’t tell you and say ‘ ask the provider’ then don’t book a course with the Company providing the course, as the accrediting provider should tell you.
Top Talons are quite happy for anyone who is interested in training with us to check us out first BEFORE you decide to book or pay any money, and we will even give you the number to do so to make you feel safe and you are not going to be duped into losing your money.
Just see our longstanding history of over 20 years and all our wonderful GENIUNE reviews on our website, plus check our GENIUNE accreditations with ABT and Beauty Guild as we are not hiding anything!
Choose us for your training, as a longstanding and trusted academy, and you can be assured of good honest advice, top quality training, friendly qualified tutors, great prices and genuine accreditations for the future of YOUR business.