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What make us unique from other nail and beauty training schools, why choose us?

We  have been a nail and beauty school for over 20 years.

There are many nail and beauty schools popping up everywhere overnight.

They do not have the teaching experience that we have for nail courses an d beauty courses, so we can offer you the best experience possible.


Many of our nail courses and beauty include kits, and kits can be expensive if you have to buy them extra.

Plus we ARE the best prices for nail and beauty courses in the country, check prices very carefully yourself and we also have high quality training and tutors.

Many of our tutors have trained with large well know brands, we just don’t charge the high prices that brand charge for training.

Plus we offer kits with many of our nail and beauty courses, whereas other schools kits are extra, so beware of the extra charges other schools may have for products and kits.

We have 20 years experience teaching nail courses and beauty courses to pass onto you.

Top Talons were one of the first to offer  nail courses and beauty courses fin the country and have been doing for 20 years.

Many other training schools have copied our methods and even words from our website!

See our pages of reviews from happy trainees.

We offer acrylic nail training and gel technician courses plus a variety of beauty courses, and hair and make up courses.

We have in depth knowledge about nails and beauty and the products we sell.  We now also offer a comprehensive range of nail courses and beauty courses run by highly qualified experienced tutors, who have teaching qualifications and again all nail courses and beauty courses  courses are accredited for insurance purposes.

All our nail course and beauty course manuals are  very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after you nail and beauty courses.

Our nail courses and beauty courses are fully accredited by Beauty Guild, and many also by ABT, and are fast tracked and friendly.

Our nail courses and beauty courses are designed and written by experienced tutors, easy to understand and focused on practical abilities. We offer ongoing support students after their learning.   Our tutors deliver high quality training, and are very knowledgable in their subject.

Do you want to get a qualification in beauty or nails but don’t want to spend 2 years at a college?

We have great tutors who haves REAL industry experience

Top Talons were one of the first providers of fast track nail courses and beauty courses in the UK and many have now copied our proven methods.

Top Talons have built a reputation over the past years which is second to none.  All of our nail courses and beauty are taught by fully qualified educators with experience in the industry and are familiar  with the very latest products and techniques which the helps our students.  We also provide all students with a helpline number so even after they have qualified with us we are on hand to help and support , you are not left on your own.

Many other nail and beauty schools have not been there for long.  Top Talons have been training people in nail and beauty courses for over 20 years and been in the industry for over 25.
Top Talons is not just a training company – we want to help you.


Top Talons began retailing products due to student demand, and this has since grown to servicing salons and consumers online via mail order.  Our prices are very competitive as we try to keep our overheads low, so we can pass the savings on to our customers.  You can be assured that top brands will be available for you to purchase online or by calling and speaking to us.  We have in depth knowledge about the products we sell, so can offer advice.

Nail courses and Beauty  Courses

Top Talons have over 25 years industry experience, and can pass their knowledge of the ‘real world’ on to you.

We offer a friendly environment which we are told creates an atmosphere which is easy to learn in.

All of our courses have been accredited by Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and some by ABT. This allows all of our students to gain insurance on successful completion of their course.

Small class sizes, to assist you in individual help.  If the class size are bigger we get extra tutors.

All  tutors are highly qualified therapists who are trained in beauty, nail  therapies.

We provide you with backup and support after your nail course or beauty course. Top Talons feel this is crucial, as you will very often have lots of questions when carrying out treatments after your nail training and beauty training.

After the nail courses or beauty course you will be given full access to Top Talons by phone or e mail.  You may get extra help if you need it, you can call to find out more.

You may have doubts about buying online so we would like to give you some advice on how to check independently our credentials

one way is to check details of the domain name www.toptalons.co.uk
go to
and enter toptalons
you will see our address and that we have been registered since 22/03/05
our address on the site matches this address

Another way to verify our details would be to
go to www.yell.co.uk
enter beauty schools in Chesterfield and you will see our details

Also we supply you with a land line telephone number, not just a mobile

You can also see us on the website of the Guild under their accredited training schools section.

If you have any questions please call 01246 569818 and we will be happy
to answer you.
or email linda@xpti.co.uk

Our Nail Courses and Beauty Courses are for complete beginners and ages 16 upwards.

Why Choose Top Talons for your nail and beauty courses

Some Companies are offering up to 50% off their nail course and beauty courses how come?

Because they just advertise inflated prices and then offer you a discount.  Have they ever been worth the previously advertised price.  They are still higher prices than our courses even with their discounts!

Some Companies do training around the country how come?

They just rent hotel rooms, that is easy to do, this in our opinion is not an ideal learning environment.  We have a purpose built training room for all our courses so worth traveling for in our opinion. We now also have a training venue in Newcastle and Milton Keynes.

We have largest kit contents anywhere.  Our kits are MUCH bigger than anyone elses’.  Check kit contents and sizes before booking with anyone.

Many Companies courses do NOT include a kit of any kind it would cost extra

Why choose us?

Wide choice of nail courses and beauty courses including the new lash lift courses and brow definition and 3D brow sculpting courses

100’s of excellent reviews from students

BEST prices anywhere.  People travel from countrywide to us.

UK’s leading fast track course provider with years of experience.

Nail and Beauty Courses are accredited and insurable by Beauty Guild and ABT, you can check us out.

Largest choice and quality training, new courses being added on going

Free after course support and friendly tutors, you are not alone after our nail and beauty courses

Nail and Beauty Course packages available

You can start your own nail and beauty business

Free advice on starting a beauty business, we have the experience

Salon training can be arranged, please call to check pricing

How can I learn  nail extensions on a short course?

Do you need more training.  Our one day courses will equip you with the techniques to start a nail or beauty business.  Everyone including us should keep training to update and learn and expand knowledge.  Some people will do this and some won’t due to money and time constraints.
We only have small groups and 2-3 tutors. We have been doing our methods for over 20 years teaching so we know it works.
Each section of the nail technician course is completed until you feel happy before we move on.
Nail students can learn from each others mistakes too. Many 2 day courses are the same in practical hours as our one day course.

Short course have been around for over 30 years its not a new thing.  No one is saying you will be a competition winner in one day but it will set you off on your journey.  You never stop learning if you are serious.

When shopping around for courses research properly, many forums/articles are NOT impartial, even though you may think they are, do NOT believe everything you read.  Some forums/articles may be brand bias and you would not know this.  Make your own mind up what nail or beauty products you choose to use.

Do i need more training?

You always need to keep training and learning, however long you have been doing nails or beauty. We offer ongoing intermediate and advanced nail courses, and add on beauty courses, instead of making you pay and do it all on one go over a longer period like many Companies. With us you have choices.  Yes, come back and do more training!  Such as manicure pedicure, sculpting, pink and white, smile lines.  Still better value overall than other Companies, who may do this over 4 or 5 day where you book all in advance instead of deciding which you would like to do and when you are ready.  You should never stop training actually.

I have read, or a friend or nail tech has told me i should train with a well known brand, as i have seen their adverts

Don’t  just believe everything you read.  Also friends / nail techs may not know everything or be bias to one brand.   Make your own mind up based on research in lots of areas. If you just read one thing somewhere, it will probably be bias or have reasons why it is saying this.  Our genuine reviews from happy customers tell you about us.  Also Beauty Guild are a professional body who accredit our courses. Many brands have large adverts for products and training and huge stands at trade shows.  This all costs lots of money, your course will cost more to cover their large adverts.  Also may other nail techs may tell you to train with one brand or another -reason- they have trained with them,  and so may think or say that you should too.

Can i question why your courses are so cheap?

yes, and people do, We say we are excellent value for money not cheap, so why only question the lower priced courses?  Also question the higher priced courses and see what reasons they give to convince you they are worth it!

Should i pay more for my training or do a longer course?

That is your choice.  If you have the money (and time) you may possibly decide to do this, its up to you dependent on time and budget constraint how you choose to train.  

Companies who charge more for longer courses want you to train with them,  and obviously tell you they are the best, but  we like you to make your own mind up.  They will give you the ongoing support and backup and mentoring,.. so will we!  They use excellent products- so do we!    They have experienced trainers, – so do we!  They have small groups, – so do we! They give you a successful completion of course certificate – so do we.    They are accredited by Beauty Guild,so are we.

Yes we make a profit, as you will when you are doing nails, but we do not make as much profit as the larger Companies  as they charge more.

You would obviously learn more over more days, but you would pay more.  You can come back to us for more training in manicure, pedicure, intermediate and advance nail techniques acrylics, coloured gels, gel polish training  etc. If you come back you will learn more to add to your skills.

What if other students are not listening and i can’t concentrate?

We don’t allow any students to disrupt a class or other students, as everyone has paid to be there.

Do i get an NVQ, VTCT like some Companies are saying?

Some Companies are saying there courses are to NVQ or VCTC STANDARD, so that you can be assured of high quality training recognised on a National Level.  This is misleading as they are NOT offering you an NVQ or VCTC certificate for the course, as they are accredited by Beauty Guild same as our courses and give you their own school certificate.  They are just saying the standard is similar, not that you get an NCQ qualification.  We also can assure you of quality training!  But without the misleading statements.

Do I need more theory?

Our nail and beauty courses are practical based as this is what you need to be able to do the treatment.  We do go through basic principles on our courses. You can always learn more theory.  You can buy numerous books on theory and nail technology and learn all day long, instead of paying us for that.  Many longer course just charge you for going through the theory with you.  Nail techs and beauty therapist are not doctors anyway and should not diagnose anything, but refrain from doing a treatment if there are any visible signs not to, which you would instantly see.  If not sure you can call us after your nail course or beauty course for help. You can also now buy theory online courses from beauty Guild .


What will my nails look like if i am being practiced on?

It is a training day, you are not there to have a set of nails done its a learning day.  Many students surprise themselves how well they do.  Many have commented that their nails are better than they have had in a salon.  Yes the occasional nails might not be perfect, but it is advisable to be patient with your collegue, as everyone is there to learn.  It would not be professional to make your collegue feel awkward if you feel you are better than them at first, or have had a go at nails before.  All training courses whether college or other private schools and courses, there will be different levels of learners, where many make mistakes, that is what a training course is about.   But, if your collegue is filing to hard, let us know and we can help and advise.

What products do you train with?

We use Nouveau Nails,for our nail courses which we have been using for over 12 years.  An excellent product range with some of the best prices you will find and great quality.  Most products are good if used correctly.  Sometimes people can blame products for nails lifting and change to another ‘brand’, but it is usually application or client at fault.  If you switch to so called more well known brands, you will pay much more for similar result, and if you apply these incorrectly, they will also not last.  Many techs may buy into advertising and branding and that sometimes is why they choose a brand..   We do not allow cheap Chinese chemicals to be used on our nail courses.  If you buy acrylic powders/liquid or gels from China or Hong Kong or buy cheap products from auction sites you may be risking allergies on your clients, as you would not know what is in them.  These are not advised to be used on paying clients by professional nail techs.  

We now have our own range of gel polish and eyelash extension products.

Constant new products

Many Companies are bringing out new and extra products.  It is all more for you to buy!  Thicker gels extra colours in gels and acrylics, new primers.  One lady we know who has been doing nails for 35 years (one of the first in UK) never uses primer!  Are all these new things really needed.  That is why again, we are so honest.  Don’t forget, the more products you buy from a Company as they tell you you NEED it, the more money they make!

I am thinking of doing nails and beauty but not doing a course

Many people might consider this as they wish to save money or not spend on courses.  But you would not be insured.  Is that fair to your customers, as you would be self taught and uninsured.  Would you want an untrained therapist possibly burning you with wax that is too hot or filing a hole in your nail?   We try to keep our price of courses as low as we can so that hopefully it can be affordable and then you can be properly trained and insured.

Do I learn removal for nails?

Yes we show you the optimum and quickest way to remove nail extensions with the new Magis foil removal foil wraps, which use less remover product and help eliminate spillages.  You will get 20% off on the training day if you wish to buy more of these, as you would use 10 for every set of nails you remove.

What about infills?

We cover infills at the end of the nail course.  Yes obviously we cannot do an exact infill, as your collegue has not had their nails on for 2 weeks.  Many courses will get you to come back to do a day or half day on infills, AND CHARGE YOU ABOUT £100.  This is great idea, as you could then spend all that time practising infills, BUT in reality most of our students will not come back,due to time and cost,  they prefer to cover this on the training day. If a set of extensions is applied well and filed well, then when it comes to infills within 2 weeks, they are easy, as the initilal prep and application were perfect.

Will i be great at filing?

You will learn the techniques and how to hold the file, but perfect correct filing can take numerous sets of nails to be an expert.  Even on a 4 or 5 day course it does not necessarily mean you will be an expert filer.  Even techniques such as building an apex, perfect smile lines etc will take numerous sets of nails to perfect.  You could spend a whole day just on filing.  If you listen on your training day, you should pick up the principles of correct filing.

Does everyone pass?

It is not a guaranteed certificate.  We want you to be the best you can be and so want to help you as much as possible.  We may require case studies or offer you to come back for free for more help.  You a get a certificate of successfully completing your chosen course,  as with most private training schools.

Many private courses in nails or whatever subject offer a certificate of successful completion of a course.

Nail course or beauty course times

The course times will vary slightly depending how it goes on the day. We let you know approximate finsih times when you book.  Please do not rush off at the end, as if you have not successfully fully completed the course requirements a certificate will not be issued.

Can i earn money after the nail  courses and beauty courses?

We let you know what your potential earnings could be, not to persuade you to train with us but, because it is true and we have the evidence not just from the owner, who has been making a living doing nails for years but from many students who tell us and reorder!  If you do nothing after your course, you will earn nothing in the nail industry.  If you advertise and practise you will earn money.  Nothing comes easy it needs effort.  The nail business like any other is competitive, you have to be good and reliable and work hard.  Doing nails is not easy, even tho a good tech will make it look so, but if you work hard it is rewarding and very profitable.  So YES you can earn money from our nail and beauty courses, so if you are looking for extra income or a part time income choose our courses.

Are they beginners course can i do more later?

Yes it is the basics of starting you in the nail extensions or beauty business. We offer intermediate and advance nail courses such as sculpting stilletto and 3D acrylic, glitter fades, colour fades etc…  But you can choose whether to do more or not, all as usual excellent prices.

We are an open and honest Company providing a value for money service and want you to decide for yourself if what we offer suits you.

Why are some Companies charging more for one day courses in nails and beauty?

Firstly because they can!  Secondly, they may work in conjunction with other training schools if they have training venues all over the country, so both parties have to make a profit and so charge you more for the same courses or they have expensive premises to rent.

What about home study?

We know this is convenient, but nails ansd beauty are a practical skill which we feel requires an ACTUAL tutor showing you how to do the treatment.  So we feel it is worth traveling for.

Can i go to the wholesalers to buy products after your course?

Why do that when you will pay considerably more?  As wholesalers have their stores and staff to pay for, plus they want huge profit margins!  With many well know brands, you buy the products from them afterwards! as they do not sell them in the wholesalers.  Same with us with our high quality products but great prices by mail order, but again this is up to you, you are free to choose.

Our products are less cost EVEN with the postage added on than going to the wholesaers.

Many well known brands will not sell to you. Why?  Because they make you train with them before you can buy!  Nice business if you can do it… Charge for your training AND charge you high prices for products..  If they were so keen for you to be  ‘great’ nail technician surely they would charge you less or even free!!  But no, THEY want to make money.

Can i go on a conversion course with another brand after your courses?

Ask them!    If you have read on an internet forum that a particular product is best, why does it say this?  Could it be that the forum is controlled by the distributors of that product!!!  Do not believe everything you read just because it is a forum!  HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN.  All our products are good quality.  You should not be using cheap products from the Far East usually purchased on E bay, you may be risking your clients skin and nails.

I have seen where i can get lots of acrylic powders and coloured gels on E bay cheap what about those,  i think i will buy them as they will save me money?

Professional acrylics and gels are made in UK, EU or USA.  If you buy unknown brands from E bay (that could even be free postage from Manchester) they are still originally from Far East.  You do not know what chemicals are in them and so could be risking your client.  Is it fair to use such products on a paying client  (however much she is paying even if it is a friend)  when they would assume you are using a safe professional tested and proven product.  It is not just about saving money, it is surely about remaining professional and honest with your customers as we are.  If acrylics and gels are cheap in price ask yourself why.  Professional high quality products are not cheap unfortunately, but they will be safe and perform well for you and your clients.

I am going to buy my products from USA as they are cheaper what about this?

These Companies offer ‘free  shipping’.  That is shipping from their end.  THEY are not responsible for YOUR cutoms and excise bills! YOU ARE.

BUT you should be paying VAT and import duties if your order is £135 and VAT over £15 order..

If you keep ordering you will be spotted and recieve an extra bill, and it is also illegal.

Do you offer eyelash extensions courses?

Yes we now offer eyelash extension courses, and lash lift courses, so you can add this to your services.  We also offer kits for this too, and FREE training with our largest eyelash extensions kit.

We are one of the most experienced at offering nail courses and the first and original  Nouveau Nail Courses training school,  offering Nouveau Nail courses, INCLUDING NAIL TRAINING KIT.  Our customers say we are more experienced and the best  and now other people are copying our nail courses!  That’s how good we are at nail training!  We created our methods of providing nail courses and it works!   Why not give our nail courses a try?

Read our genuine reviews from happy nail training students about our nail courses.

On our nail courses, we offer traditional acrylic liquid and powder system NOT UV ACRYLIC,  which is not popular with clients or salons. Other nail courses may seem cheaper but  product sizes in kits may be  smaller or THEY HAVE NO KIT, or, they do not tell you sizes of products in the kit which may be misleading.

We do not necessarily have therapists on our courses, our students are from all backgrounds/ ages, so you will not feel out of place!

Very few wear a ‘uniform’.  You can potentially earn as much in 2 days as a regular full time 5 day a week job.

Or just do your own nail 8 times and get your money back for the course in what you save!

People are traveling from around the country to Chesterfield, to attend our nail courses due to the fantastic unbeatable offer.  We are a genuine Company so don’t be worried  We are Beauty Guild accredited, check us out!

Too good to be true?   Its good AND TRUE!!

We can understand people thinking offers like this are too good to be true, as we are all sceptical these days. Check our accreditation with Guild of professional beauty therapists.

Peole sometimes question our excellent prices and  we know most courses are much higher priced than ours. Why not question their high prices!  We know with our courses you will get value for money and we get business!