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Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course



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Duration    –     1 Day
Course Cost     –     From £166 + vat

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NO KIT £166.00 + vat
WITH LARGE KIT £260.00 + vat
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ACCREDITED BY Beauty Guild and ABT

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Course Information

Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course

Our acrylic & gel nail extension courses have been specially designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge, but we do also offer advance d acrylic & gel skills courses and nail art.

Top Talons offer nail extension courses for anyone. Our Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course can be for any age group and any background. We have been offering nail extension courses for over 20 years and in the nail business for over 25. 

More and more students are getting onto the nail industry with our Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Courses.  The reason they choose Top Talons nail school, is the years of experience we have in teaching nails, so you can learn nails for the best price in the least time, but still get very good training.  Learning nails can be rewarding and exciting and you can get paid for a job you enjoy.  It is advisable to be fully insured so you would need the correct Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course to do this, and so you would need to attend a nail course, which you can with us.  We are accredited by Beauty Guild for our Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course and you can check that for yourself.  We offer all types of nail courses such as acrylic, gel silk etc and we also offer nail art courses as part of our nail training programme.

More Information on our nail course – Click Here

Our courses are fully accredited by Beauty Guild & ABT so on successful completion you will receive your certificate. This will enable you to gain the insurance you need to work on real, paying clients.

Learn with us with our practical training day courses with guidance from fully qualified, experienced tutors, you will learn all the techniques required to offer your new nail services. We are also at the end of the phone free if you require any guidance after your Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course. You will receive full course manuals which are very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after your  Acrylic & Gel Nail Extension Course.

Our training is second to none. Top Talons are proud of our reputation, quality training, excellent tutors and affordable prices.

Acrylic and Gel Nail Course.

You will learn how to create Acrylic and Gel  Nail Extensions and can use the same technique to apply natural nail overlays.
This is an accredited Acrylic and Gel  Nail nail course and we only have small groups.
If we have more nail students on our nail courses, we have more trainers in the room.
You are not required to have a qualification in nail manicure to attend this Acrylic and Gel  Nail course as this is a stand-alone treatment.
Many students who are new to the nail industry find this course interesting and informative, and often come back to attending the manicure and pedicure and gel polish nails courses.
Our Acrylic and Gel  Nail course is an insurable course allowing you to use the skills offering nail treatments to the general public and charge for it.

Do I need to bring a model?

No You will work with another student on the day of   Acrylic and Gel  Nail training.
The   Acrylic and Gel  Nail course class will go ahead with 2 or more people booked on.
If you do not wish to be worked on due to medical reasons, you could let us know before hand.
You will be working on each other so any nail extensions needs to be removed for the day of your Acrylic and Gel  Nail course.

If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back for free for more help
However due to small classes this is rare but available if required.
Do I need to have a manicure qualification to attend this Acrylic and Gel  Nail course?

No A manicure is not part of the Acrylic or Gel Nail treatment. The treatment is different from a manicure and this is a separate nail course.

You will receive:
professional experienced tutors teaching you so picking up the skills will be easy.
Acrylic or gel nails are an artificial treatment. Students will also learn the contra- indications, client consultations and aftercare advice. 

Products Used

We use Nouveau nail and some Cuccio and Edge Nails products on our Acrylic and Gel  Nail courses, but our acrylic or gel nail course certification is not brand specific, so you an choose after your acrylic nail course what products you prefer to go with, as there are so many out there.


Our Acrylic and Gel  Nail courses can come with a kit if you choose this option.
Relevant anatomy and physiology is given in your manual, the manual is included in the price of this course and covers everything you have learnt during your Acrylic and Gel  Nail course.  You do not have to make any notes on the acrylic and gel nail course training day.

Acrylic and Gel  Nail course training.

There are no previous qualifications or knowledge required to take the Acrylic and Gel  Nail course.
The tutor will advise you about the cost to charge your clients and insurance cover on the day of your Acrylic and Gel  Nail nail training.

Why Us?

  • Comprehensive course content

  • Our nail courses comes with or without a kit

  • Industry recognised qualification

  • We have over 20 years experience teaching

  • Full course manuals are included for you to take home.

  • Fully insurable / accredited courses.

  • Industry experienced tutors.

  • See our masses of reviews.

  • Ongoing Support.

  • More reasons to choose Top Talons – See more

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What This Course Covers – Gel Nail Ext. 2017-08-20T20:13:33+00:00

Our gel nail courses are designed for beginners and include:

►Theory, Health and Safety, Contraindications
►Natural nail preparation
► Tip types and application
► Blending and shape tips
► Overlay of clear gel product building a shape and apex with gel
►How to use gel nail brush correctly
►Gel Nail Lamp curing information
► We do clear UV gel on this course
► Finishing / buffing / filing techniques
► Removal , infill and after care are also covered.
► Pricing and marketing your gel nails
►Gel Nail course manuals to take home.

What This Course Covers – Acrylic Nail Ext. 2017-08-20T20:48:00+00:00

Our acrylic nail courses are designed for beginners and include:

►Theory, health and safety contra indications

►Natural nail preparation

► Tip types and application

► Blending and shape tips

► Natural acrylic overlays and tip and overlay

► Acrylic product knowledge and application techniques

► Acrylic ratio, bead sizes and bead placement

► Maintenance / infill techniques

► Removals and after care

► How to price your services

► Problem solving

Structure Of Our Nail Courses 2017-12-07T21:44:44+00:00

One day short intensive course which runs from 8.45am – 4pm (approx) We do not rush anyone, we will not move onto the next stage till your are comfortable too.
We ask students to arrive at 8.30am to ensure you have time to settle in our training room and get yourself a drink and seat for a 8:45 am prompt start.
You will learn the theory, health and safety & contra indications of the treatment you have chosen to learn with Top Talons.
After this our highly experienced tutors will demonstrate each stage (at different stages) for you to then do on another student on the course. You will be practicing on each other. Our tutors will be there on hand to help you every step. 
We will continue this the rest of the day practising your new skills, with a short break for lunch.
You will receive full course manuals for you to take, so no need to take any notes, Our course manuals are very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after your Nail Course.

How Do I Book / Enquire ? 2018-03-27T19:48:44+00:00

We always think its best to speak  call to book

01246 569818 (9am – 7pm) 7 Days

Alternatively, you can book via our online booking system where you pay your deposit. However, we still need to speak to you once booked to confirm dates and all details.

A deposit of 50% of the full amount of the kit and/or course is required to secure your booking. The balance is required on the day of your course at the end. 

Deposits can be paid in a number of ways
* Debit cards – no additional charge for £10 payment or more
* Paypal
* Credit cards 2% additional charge    (This is what we are charged to process your card)
* We do not normally accept American Express cards and similar – please check with us first
* Postal order
* We advise against sending cash in the post.
* We do not normally accept cheques – please check with us first

Course Requirements 2018-03-27T19:48:56+00:00

Our Nail Courses and Beauty Courses are for complete beginners and ages 16 upwards. So you don’t require any prior knowledge or experience in the industry to do one of Top Talons accredited nail & beauty courses.  Our Nail and Beauty Courses are accredited and insurable by Beauty Guild and ABT. 

We also offer intermediate and advanced nail & beauty courses. But you can choose whether to do more or not, all as usual excellent prices.

How Can I Learn Nail Extensions On A Short Course? 2017-12-07T21:45:20+00:00

Our one day courses will equip you with the techniques to start a nail or beauty business.  Everyone including us should keep training to update and learn and expand knowledge.  Some people will do this and some won’t due to money and time constraints.
We only have small groups and 2-3 tutors.
Each section of the nail technician course is completed until you feel happy before we move on.
Nail students can learn from each others mistakes too.

You never stop learning if you are serious.

Our courses run by highly qualified experienced tutors, who have teaching qualifications and again all nail courses and beauty courses  courses are accredited for insurance purposes.

All our nail course and beauty course manuals are  very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after you nail and beauty courses.

What Qualification Will I Gain ? 2018-03-27T19:49:11+00:00


When you have successfully completed your course with Top Talons you will receive a accredited certificate issued by Top Talons, which is a fully accredited certificate by Beauty Guild / ABT, which allows you to obtain Public Liability Insurance so you can start offering your new treatments to paying clients, or to add on to your existing policies.

All our nail course and beauty course manuals are  very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after you nail and beauty courses.

Why Choose Top Talons Nail & Beauty Training School ? 2018-03-27T19:49:31+00:00

See our 1000’s of reviews – CLICK HERE  

Top Talons have built a reputation over the past years which is second to none  !!

What make us unique from other nail and beauty training schools, why choose us?

We offer a comprehensive range of nail courses and beauty courses run by highly qualified experienced tutors, who have teaching qualifications and again all nail courses and beauty courses  courses are accredited for insurance purposes.

All our nail course and beauty course manuals are  very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after you nail and beauty courses.

Our nail courses and beauty courses are fully accredited by Beauty Guild, and many also by ABT, and are fast tracked and friendly.

Our nail courses and beauty courses are designed and written by experienced tutors, easy to understand and focused on practical abilities. We offer ongoing support students after their learning.   Our tutors deliver high quality training, and are very knowledgeable in their subject.

Top Talons have over 25 years industry experience, and 20 years teaching experience we can pass our knowledge of the ‘real world’ on to you.

We offer a friendly environment which we are told creates an atmosphere which is easy to learn in. We only have small groups and 2-3 tutors. We 

Top Talons is not just a training company – we want to help you.

Wide choice of nail and beauty courses including the new lash lift courses and brow definition and 3D brow sculpting courses.

100’s of excellent reviews from students.

BEST prices anywhere.  People travel from countrywide to us.
UK’s leading fast track nail & beauty course provider with 20 years+ of teaching experience.
Nail and Beauty Courses are fully accredited and insurable by Beauty Guild and ABT, you can check us out.

Largest choice and quality training, new courses being added on going

Free after course support and friendly tutors, you are not alone after our nail and beauty courses.
Nail and Beauty Course packages available.
You can start your own nail and beauty business.

Free advice on starting a beauty business, we have the experience.
Salon training & 1 to 1 training can be arranged, please call to check pricing.

Top Talons have over 20 years teaching experience, and can pass their knowledge of the ‘real world’ on to you.
Comprehensive course prices.
All of our courses are taught by fully qualified educators with experience in the industry and are familiar  with the very latest products and techniques which helps our students.

All course manuals are  very comprehensive and inspected for accreditation so that they pass the criteria that you need to be able to refer to after you nail and beauty courses.

Small class sizes, to assist you in individual help.  If the class size are bigger we get extra tutors.

We offer a friendly environment which we are told creates an atmosphere which is easy to learn in.

What Is Covered

Other courses do not cover as much as ours –

► Health and safety / theory

► How to get and maintain clients (business advice can be offered if required)

► Pricing structures, full set, infills, soak offs etc

► Client consultations and contra indications

► Natural nail preparation

► Natural nail tip application and blending

► We explain about white tips and NEW no blend tips

► Overlay application of clear product (s) acrylic and UV gel

► Shaping finishing  and filing buffing / shining techniques

► Infill,  theory, soak off methods and after care are also covered.

► General business advice

You receive a full theory and application techniques manual.

You do not have to make any notes.


What’s In The Kit



soak off foils x 50,  orange wood sticks x 5,  tip cutters x 1.  cuticle pusher tool x 1,  Files x 6,  sanding blocks x 2,  shiner block x 1,  nail wipes x 100,  tip remover,  anti septic spray 240ml,  primer liquid 15ml,  tip blender 15ml,  15ml Gel Sealer, cuticle oil 15ml,  natural nail tips Box 360,  brush on nail tip glue x 1,  Cuccio UV gel clear 28gm,  UV gel brush 1,  finishing wipe 120ml,  dappen dish,  acrylic nail brush sable,  clear acrylic powder 60gm,  acrylic nail liquid 120ml

Course Dates

Sunday 15th July
Sunday 29th July
Sunday 12th August
Sunday 26th August
Sunday 9th September
Sunday 23rd September
Sunday 7th October
Sunday 21st October
Sunday 4th November
Sunday 18th November
Sunday 2nd December
Sunday 16th December

Course Dates

Tuesday 10th April


Please call to confirm your booking. 
It is important to call asap. 01246 569818 (9am – 7pm)
To ensure availability and to check timings and procedures for your course.
Thank You

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I did the combined acrylic and hard gel nail course 2 weeks ago, it was absolutely fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much from it. Although it is quite an intense one day course you get lots of support and excellent tutoring all day.
Now the fun starts, practice practice practice!! Def recommend!  Jodie

I booked on the Gel & Acrylic course this month, I had tried many times to do my own gels but didn’t have much look at keeping them on. I met Linda and her husband on the day along with 9 other students, straight away the atmosphere was both welcoming & friendly. Linda gave great instruction, clear and simple to understand which really helped with the learning the process throughout the day.  I now feel confident that with a little more practice I will be able to run a successful mobile nail business. Linda has assured me that should I get stuck she is happy to answer my questions which is a fantastic help. I do not think you will find a better course at such great value, the kit was lovely & I love my metal box. Thank you Linda & Howard! I have no hesitation in recommending you to other people wishing to start a business in the nail & beauty industry.  Thanks again!, Toni


Had such an amazing day on the acrylic and gel extensions course. The tutors are so lovely and helpful, put me at ease from the minute I walked through the door. I will definitely be booking more courses. Definitely worth the hour traveling and good value for money with no scrimping on the kits. Can not thank linda and Marie enough xx


I found the course thoroughly interesting. You were all very knowledgeable and answered an questions I had. I felt you were very patient with me as a student. When booking the course Howard was extremely friendly and was able to provide me with all the information I need to make my decision to train with top talons an easy choice. I will definitely be booking on to further courses with top talons and highly recommend to any one looking at training.  Gemma


An amazing course! ( I did acrylic and gel nails ) and going back for nail art courses next week! So professional, lovely people who are very friendly and patient and ready and willing to answer any questions, infact they encourage it! Your not just sent on your way either your more than welcome to speak to them and ask for help and advice even when the course is over! Would definitely recommend!


I did my nail extension course with you guys! What can I say other than absolutely fabulous people. I’ve learned SO much and my nail business is going great. Before I did my course I new nothing about nails. I’m so happy with top talons. I’ve booked another course in Feb which I’m excited for. Deffo 110% recommend the living day lights out of this company. The people are amazing – Linda is so down to earth and Marie is a great teacher. Thank you so much for all you’ve taught me. 5 stars for you guys ***** Emma.


Had a fab day at Top Talons today learning how to do Acrylic nails thank you for all the help and caring, friendly service

Pati Dobosz

I recently attended the acrylic and gel combined course it was brilliant i will be deffinately be back to do more courses.


Hi I did an acrylic course with you , Mel from simply gorgeous beauty in allestree derby, I learnt so much it’s really taken my nail business/beauty salon to another level ! In sept and nov I’m appearing in 2 major industry magazines with nail pics ! I’ve included in a separate mail a set I’ve done for a magazine harvest festival  article including sculptured veg ! But I’m afraid I can’t give permission for these to go online on Facebook but I’ll let you know as soon as they can after the mag has contacted me  ! Just wanted to say thank you to you and Alice is really getting on well to I’ve got another 2 girls to send to you id recommend you everytime I just wanted you to see how your course has given me the amazing foundation and confidence  x I’m even making my own 3d acrylic bits and custom mixing acrylic ! Who’d of thought it !      !!!! xxx.

Mel, Simply Gorgeous

Good morning.
Firstly I wish to thank you all so much for my recent acrylic course and Swarovski crystal course. I left feeling very confident and happy. My  clients are all happy with both services I am offering them. Was a lovely  welcoming atmosphere and I felt both the practical side and knowledge side  was easy to understand and very clear.  Very good value for money I am already earning upto £200 a week so thank you  will be booking in again soon for more courses.  Many thanks    Jasmine


I wanted to send you both a message to say a massive thank you.   I have known for a while that I wanted  to do nails so that I could work around being a stay at home mom to my little boy. After today, I really  believe that that is something I can achieve, be great at it and make money  as well. It’s all thanks to your training, support and guidance today.   After reading so many great reviews on the courses that you offer I felt I had to book and come along. I’m so glad I did. I can’t wait to start practicing and making money as well. I will absolutely be back for someone courses with you and look forward to seeing you both again soon.
Thank you for the awesome experience.  Lesley

I travelled from Peterborough today to complete an Acrylic Conversion nail course and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Definitely worth the visit and worth the money. Linda and Howard are lovely people and very professional. I found Linda and her colleague today very helpful and my confidence in nails has been boosted and I feel a lot more confident to go ahead and practice on paying clients.  Highly recommend anyone to pay a visit to Linda and Howard for future courses, I most certainly will book another course in the future to boost my knowledge and expand my beauty business back home.
Thank you very much  Lauren xxx

I have recently attended the gel and acrylic extension course and the manicure, pedicure and gel polish course with Linda and Howard. It was fantastic!! You are made to feel welcome straight away and with such a friendly atmosphere it was easy to ask questions without worrying about looking silly! I’m already practising on my friends and hope to do many more courses with Top Talons! Hope to see you soon!! Thanks Zoe


Absolutely love doing nails. Wish I had done this course years ago but thankful I did anyway. I’m still learning as much as possible from anywhere I can.  Thank you, Michelle-Leeds


Hi Linda & Howard,
since I completed your nail course last September. I am now running a successful business called Classy Claws in Stamford, Lincolnshire and loving every minute of it 🙂 I will be looking to do some sculpting courses very soon. Thanks,   Holly


I recently attended the acrylic and gel nail combination course and I couldn’t be more happier,
I was tought everything I needed to know to do both treatment safely and properly.
I will be taking more courses at Toptalons in the future without a doubt.
Howard and Linda are lovely people, very friendly puts you at ease.The trainers were both lovely ladies and very easy to get along with.
I had to travel 30 minutes to attend the course but if was definitely worth every minute.
Thank you again.


I have recently done the gel and acrylic nail course I found it really good the staff really helpful,didn’t rush you at all,I am now charging people and setting my business up,I will definitely be going back to do more training for different things thankyou so much


Excellent training school I completed the acrylic and gel course and I will be booking again for spray tan and eyelash course in future and possibly nail art. I would recommend to anyone wanting to go into the beauty industry or expand on their knowledge


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If you have a question about this course, please use our Make an Enquiry service below, and we will be in touch asap:
Alternatively you can call our Main office 7 days (9am – 7pm)  on – 01246 569818

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