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Top Talons have been training students in the nail and beauty industry for over 20 years.

But, we don’t just ‘train students’ we care about your future career in the nail and beauty industry and want to help you succeed in a very competitive market.

We offer ongoing support after your courses and valuable business advise if you should want that.

Numerous students come back to us for further courses after their intitial course and we appreciate that and think we must be doing something right!

We take a relaxed approach to learning as find this works best for our students, but even so, we remain professional and students learn a lot on our courses.

If students require more help in order to gain their certificate this is also offered, in order for them to reach a level where they can be confident working on full paying clients and that the clients would be happy.  Therefore building their business, which many students have done very successfully from nothing. 

Just see our masses of wonderful reviews which we appreciate very much.

We want you to be confident choosing Top Talons and if you have any questions you can call for a chat with no obligation.